Me, My self and I...
Actually!!! - Thats what this page is about.

This picture was taken in December 1997. - I'm not sure if it was the camera, or the photographed object there is to blame for the result...

Data list.
Person data:
Name: Per Christiansen
Address: Kærvejen 2, 8983 Gjerlev-J, Denmark.
Phone (GSM): +45 20 22 63 14
Date of birth: June 10th 1967.
Maritual status: Divorced.
Hobbies: Amateur radio (ham radio), electronics and computer. 
Amatuer radio is a hobby wich can be enjoyed in many different aspects. 
First of all, you are allowed to build your own radio equipment, both for receiving and transmiting radio signals. Amateur radio operators communicate using a broad variaty of means, as telegraph (morse code), speach, writing and picture transmitting. This is done either direct from station to station, or via repeater, satelite or reflections of eg. the moon. When engaged in this hobby, a lot of contacts with other amateurs arround the world are made. Therefore the communication often are acomplished in english.
My school and job experiences, in cronological order (Danish - Any questions, please ask):

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