The job
@ MD-Foods Amba.
This document are made to describe what I do for a living, or as we hams say "My QRL".

From December 1st 1997, I have been employed as a system developer at MD-Foods Amba. located in Viby-J, a subburb of Aarhus.

The compagny mainly produce and sell diary products in some countries around the world - Look at for further info.

When I was employed I started in the concern-IT (Koncern-EDB) department. But during a restructuring of all information technology staff, I joined the SAS/VM department, in the new IT-Center.
The idear of gathering all IT-staff in the IT-center, is to gather people in groups, that each has its own area of competence. - We are grouped after witch programming tools we use.
My group are using SAS from SAS-Institute and VM programming languages. VM is short for Virtual Mashine, and are a product of IBM.
I have started performing tasks in the VM enviroment. I use REXX as programming language. REXX is a programming language IBM has implemented in almost all their operating systems.

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