It's quite a short list when I list my interests. (HAM-radio & Computer).

Actually I have al my life been interested in technical aparatus. To narrow it down a bit, electric tecnics are my main interests. - The very first memory I have of this, was when my father wanted to dismantel the famlys telephone...
If you take a look at my resumé, I have also been trying to educate me into the electronics field, but as I couldn't get a firm to educate me, when I stoped at the school, I went to the Radio officers school in Svendborg for a year and then sailed the seas two years after that.
I'm quite sure that it's no secret that I'm a HAM (Radio amateur). And I enjoy to combine the radio and the computer. Therefore I already started at packet radio on 2 meters in 1987, when this kind of comminication still demanded a special permit from Telestyrelsen.
In these years I'm also active in the local HAM radio club (EDR-Randers), as I'm the secratery. 

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